You are a group of  professional, friend, villager,   etc.. you want to share the thrill together explore our beautiful country and strengthen the bonds of brotherhood that bind us. We’re here to help you “live your dream”



Park WAZA: Wealth of national parks is one of the highlights of Cameroon. Its reserves have indeed one of the most diverse faunas across Africa. The majority of parks are concentrated in the north. The most popular are those of the Benue and Waza but parks and reserves Bouban’djida, Campo, Faro and Dja, also open to the public, are just as interesting. the discovery of national parks, discover the cultural and historical heritage, discovering ecotourism sites. Savannas of northern Cameroon have one of the wildlife populations richest and most varied in Africa. With its national parks, the North is the ideal place to discover the African wildlife.

HIGHLANDS                                                                                  FLORA


There are a few main areas of vegetation in Cameroon, all of which offer diverse plant life and ecosystems.

The south is made up of dense rain forests covered by orchid, fern and hardwood evergreen trees including mahogany, ebony, obeche, dibetu, and sapelli which can grow to over 200 feet. This merges into the central area which has semi-deciduous forests.

Along the coastal areas and rivers there are dense mangroves and palm rich areas. Northern areas are then comprised of wooded savanna with scattered trees, moving to sparser areas covered with Acacia.




Ekom Nkam fall. The falls are beautiful and magnificent scenery. The descent to the foot of the falls is not easy, no protection, mud, rocks rolling, accompanied by tour guide. At the foot of the fall a beautiful sight.



Water catchment region of Cameroon, this Region is full of crater lakes, cattle ranches, underground minerals, wild animal species and several caves



Imagine an area of over 3 hectars with thousands of tons of rock out of sight, with multiple colors and impressive; Imagine all these carved stones, carved and shaped like works of art and some models reach 20 m depth . in Cameroon, in the Northern Province, a hundred kilometers from Garoua, Guider 12km from, your imagination becomes reality when you come across Gorges Kola. Real mystery at the same time the gift of nature, this treasure full of many wonders that no written or documentary can not really reproduce authenticity. That is why we urge you to take a look, you will not be disappointed



The museum Babungo

The museum located in Cameroon Ndop presents a sample of objects important and significant of the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Babungo, formerly the most important center for the metal in Cameroon. The treasure of kings talented sculptors Babungo with thousands of parts, is still the most impressive of all the Grassland.




Mount Cameroon is one of the highest volcanoes in Africa and the world at large and rises 4,095 metres. Stepped 200m from the sea it is now one of the most visited tourist’s spots in the country. It has very beautiful plateaus of the southern region. These areas are dominated by Equatorial forests and form part of the Atlantic Equatorial Coastal Forests Eco-region.

This active volcano is the highest mountain in West Africa, rising more or less straight from the Gulf of Guinea.

A 3 day Mt Cameroon Climb treks through the tropical rainforest to a stark and chilly summit that is occasionally brushed with snow.


Rhumsiki’s surroundings are “one of the most beautiful landscapes in the world.”The spectacular effect is created by surrounding volcanic plugs (the remnants of long-dormant volcanoes), basalt outcroppings, and the Mandara Mountains. The largest (and most photographed) of these rocks is Kapsiki Peak, a plug standing 1,224 m (4,016 ft) tall.



The tropical rainforest at elevations between 4,000 and 8,000 feet (1,200 and 2,400 metres) differs from that of the lowlands: the trees are smaller, are of different species, and are festooned with mosses, lichens, and other epiphytes. Above the rainforest zone are drier woodlands, tall grasslands, or patches of mountain bamboo. Above about 7,800 feet (2,400 metres) in the interior and above…


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