landscapes of Kapsiki / Rhumsiki In Maroua

 The picturesque landscapes of Kapsiki / Rhumsiki In Maroua, is a famous village Rhumsiki. The trail that leads to dramatically during 45Km winds through themountain range where Kapsiki strange monoliths looming volcanic dykes, tops sometimes a hundred meters. The village is an impressive backdrop of peaks anddykes.  “the crab sorcererwho will tell you your past and predict your future then, with blacksmiths, tanners, potters and artisans in. The camp Rhumsiki consists of 26 rooms in comfortable air-conditioned bungalows, restaurant and bar, hot shower, wc.In the village, the Camp Rhumsiki offer you accommodation in rustic comfort.The Mandara Mountains region is conducive to trekking from one village to another to discover their habits and customs, with nights under the stars unforgettable

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Trips to the two national parks is also on the itinerary; the Waza national park and the Benoué national park.
You will be able to see lions, girafes, elephants and monkeys up close.

Day 1

-Arrival and reception at Douala International Airport

– Transfer to hotel and overnight

Day 2

– Travel to Yaoundé

– Yaoundé City tour

– Transfer to train station

– Travel to Ngaoundéré by train (all night)

Day 3

– Arrival at Ngaoundéré

– Transfer to hotel

– Visit of the Lamidat of Ngaoundéré

– Horse-back riding

– Diner and overnight in hotel

Day 4

Visit of the Benoué National Safari Park

– Diner and overnight in camp

Day 5

– Travel to Rey Bouba

– Visit to the market, here you will find Bororo women who come to sell naturally-extracted milk

– Diner and overnight at the Boubba Ndjidda camp

Day 6  

– Visit to the Boubba Ndjidda National Park

Day 7

– Travel to Grand Capitaine

– Watch hippopotamus on sand and cog jester

– Fishing and overnight

Day 8

– Travel to Garoua, Pitoa market day.

– Diner and overnight in Garoua

Day 9

– Travel to Rhumsiki

– Visit of the “Gorge de Kola”

– Visit to the blacksmith

– Dinner and overnight in Rhumsiki

Day 10

– Hike to the Cameroon/Nigeria border

– Visit to the traditional music instruments artist

– Visit to the traditional weavers

– Visit to the crab fortune teller

– Dinner and overnight at the Rhumsiki camp

Day 11

– Travel to Mokolo

– Visit of the Mafa’s market, this is a very populated region

– Dinner and overnight in Mokolo camp

Day 12

Shopping and returning back to airport of douala .

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