Cameroon is also called ‘Africa in miniature’. It has great cultural, ethnic and geographic diversity. It has beautiful tropical, palm fringed beaches with white or black sand, high mountains and volcanoes, game parks, Sahel landscape and deserts, big lakes and impenetrable tropical forests full of wild animals like chimpanzee, gorilla, forest elephant and buffalo

16 million people of more than 250 ethnic groups speaking approximately 200 different languages comprise the population of Cameroon. Many of these ethnic groups have preserved their age old, original traditions, dances and art. If you want welcoming and hospitable people, you’ll find it all in Cameroon!

Cameroon is situated on the west coast of Africa. It is one of the wealthiest African countries. It has oil resources and favorable agricultural conditions. But, like other less developed countries it faces serious problems. Over 80% of the population works on the land and the country produces many agricultural products for export. The principal commercial crops are cocoa, coffee, tobacco, cotton and bananas. There is a large aluminum refinery which produces 16% of all the aluminum in Africa. This refinery consumes 70% of all the electricity produced in the country!

Cameroon has had a checkered colonial history. In 1884 the area around Douala was a German protectorate. After World War 1 the country was divided between Britain and France. The modern state of Cameroon was created in 1961 by the unification of two former colonies, whilst British Northern Cameroon joined Nigeria.

Cameroon is often regarded as the melting pot of Africa sitting at cross roads of West and Central Africa, as one of the most diversified cultures of the continent. From the ancient tribal kingdoms in the West and the Pygmies villages in the South to the pastoral Muslims in the North, Cameroon has a rich tapestry of indigenous cultures.Those interested in nature shall never regret their trip to the North as the well known Waza Park is there to provide them with abundant bird life and mammals all gathering around there drinking holes.

The high and still active volcano of Mount Cameroon is there to satisfy trekkers and climbers with its spectacular peak and lava fields. Also the rocky Mandara Mountains of the North, home to some remote villages and the mountains of the North West province, are there to be explored And when exhausted from these adventures, the coastal towns of Kribi and Limbe are waiting with palm fringing beaches and refreshing ocean waters to ease the limbs and to revive your system with some lovely Makossa music making you to wonder why this destination has been overlooked so long by tourists.


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