The Korup National Park we carry out a project on the population dynamics of the tre species Microberlinia bisulcata in co-operation with the Institute of Geobotanics at the University of Bern, Switzerland. M. bisulcata dominates parts of the forest in dense groves of adult trees with little regeneration We investigate the age distribution of the population by means of tre ring analysis to get an idea about the mechanisms of forest dynamics.

Giant rainforest trees, rare and beautiful orchids, spectacular palms, minute fungi, wild coffees and an ancient aquatic plant are among more than 250 new plant and fungi species discovered and described by botanists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in this, the botanical organisation’s 250th anniversary year. The new species come from a wide-range of fascinating locations including Brazil, Cameroon, East Africa, Madagascar, Borneo and New Guinea. Nearly a third are believed to be in danger of extinction.

Berlina korupensis, the largest new

Berlina korupensis, the largest new discovery in 2009

, from Korup National Park in Cameroon.

discovery in 2009

No enumeration of the poroid and related basidiomycetous fungi of Cameroon or adjoining areas previously existed. This project identified all the available material of the group, which is primarily from Korup, arising from the surveys of Roberts, supplemented by specimens gathered by other Kew staff and collaborators. However, material from the rest of Cameroon will be included and details will be given of the known African distribution for each species. The result will be an authoritatively named, specimen-based annotated checklist. All specimens have been databased

Broken trunk of a tree on Mt. Kupe, Cameroon

 equatorial rainforest

While the tropical and sub- tropical and sub tropical wet and dense forest covers an estimated surface area of more than twenty-five (25) million  hectares and stretches over five (5) of the countries ten (10) provinces, the rest of the country is covered by wet and dry savannah.


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