Bafoussam – Foumban – Bafoussam

Breakfast. Departure to Foumban via the Foumbot market to discover the Bamoun culture. The city of Foumban has a number of vestiges that attest to its past glory. The Sultan’s Palace, the Statute of king Njoya, the Royal Palace Museum, the Central Mosque, the Arts and Traditional Museum are all Testimonies of the Bamoun history. Arrival and brief visit of the town. Visit to some selected oarts of the city related to the Bamoun history. Shopping. Back to Bafoussam. Leisure activities. Sinner and night

This tour gives you the opportunity to experience natural as well as cultural realities of the South West, West and North-West Regions of Cameroon. Cameroon is a geological marvel characterized by many mountain ranges, plateau and plains harboring more than 200 ethnic groups on a 475 422 square kilometers surface area. Thanks to its captivating landscapes with unparalleled beauty, the density of its multifaceted settlements, discovery in this part of the country many century-old strange objects.

Cameroon Cultures and Traditions make up one of the circuits that are very much cherished; it helps you to undertake trips and to visit a variety of landscapes while getting into contact with the very rich cultural and traditional diversity of this part of the country.

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