Bafut Palace is located in the heart of the Bafut kingdom in northwest Cameroon. The palace has been the fulcrum of political power for over 400 years, and is still a center for religious rites and traditional ceremonies. The site comprises over 50 buildings arranged around a central shrine, which are used by the Fon (king), his wives, and the royal court. The Achum Shrine is the spiritual core of the site and houses an important fetish. Built entirely of wood and bamboo, and covered with thatch, the shrine is an impressive example of traditional religious architecture. The entire site is surrounded by a sacred forest in which medicinal plants are gathered and offerings are made to spirits and ancestors.



Traditional dance by women and men in the kingdom of Bafut. When the women are dancing they sing about their kingdom. The dance of the men is about something else; they wear animal masks which contain the different metamorphosis of the king. Usually they dance at funerals, festivals and homages.


3 Responses to BAFUT KINGDOM

  1. Neba Nelson Shu says:

    I am Babut and am very proud to learn about my culture though far away from home. THanks for updating us.

  2. Ambe Mutukou Abumbi says:

    l love what am seeing and I think its a wonderful method of educating the Bafut people and informing tourist who come from far.keep it up

  3. SammyBlaze says:

    proud to be a daughter of Bafut!

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