Kribi, popularly known as the Queen of the Beaches  in Cameroon, with its green hills, waterfalls, numerous varieties of flora and fauna, beckons to all to spend their leisure time. An excellent honeymoon destination, it offers walks down for those who want to savour time together by strolling down and whispering in each others’ ears, or savour fresh air.

Perked amongst the kribi relaxation beaches , Kribi offers a splendid view of the sunset in the Ocean. the shows of kribi is the highest, offering some breathtaking views.Its natural surrounding , the second highest point, is connected with different kinds of enjoyable activities. The Lobe  Falls, along with other touristic sites just a few kilometres before it, is another attractive tourist spot, with boating facilities.

Horse’s Back Road is known for the beautiful and serene walk it offers through the hill station, while Kribi Company Garden abounds with beautiful flowers in season. A large roller skating rink is also there. It has many other pretty sites worth a visit.


Hours of togetherness await honeymooners in Kribi, as they get to know each other. For those who want to keep a little in touch with the world, the Mall – sacred to every hill station – is there. As you turn to leave, you’ll want to come back again.

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