With its nearly 400 miles (650 km) of coastline, the beaches of Limbe are one of the primary reasons that this area is a favorite tourist destination in Cameroon. Although the different beaches at one time were the targeted stops seafarers and traders, they were re-discovered in the 1980’s by backpackers and those seeking a great place to tan. That allure continues today as this is one of the more popular coastal areas in the country.


a favorite of locals andinternational travelers alike since the 1930’s, the beach is actually comprised of three separate, crescent-shaped beaches. Lighthouse beach, the southernmost one of the three is the most popular.Enveloped by calm backwaters, this beach remains unspoiled and part of an unexplored and undeveloped island. It is Poovar’s golden sands that make it so beautiful and extremely popular.

Historical significance beast describes what this beach is all about as it was the first place that the famous British explorers landed and named it Victoria in honor of  Queen Victoria  of  England. This basically marked the start of the Age of Discovery as well the beginning of the European colonization period. Today it is one of the more popular and pristine beaches of  Cameroon.

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In 1996, Benito was brought to a logging camp by a hunter. The logging company arranged for Benito, together with Emma, to be taken to the LWC. Benito is the 2nd biggest male gorilla who likes to challenge Chellla. However, he is far too young and small to win any fights and has to make do with second best. Benito is considered by his keeper Bama as the most beautiful of our gorillas.


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