This is a modification of our popular Discover Cameroon Circuit Tour to suit the needs of tourists with limited resources. This inexpensive circuit is particularly suitable for volunteers, or anyone who does not have lot of money but decided to travel as much as possible throughout Cameroon.
We use public transportation partners (Jeannot Express BucaVoyages) for us to move between towns, and we use taxi to take us around the city, so we can reduce the cost of the circuit.
Despite the “unpredictability” of travel (we can not control the departure times), you will always have the opportunity to see the best of Cameroon and will see how the population, fauna, flora and landscape changes from place to another.


The Limbe Botanic Garden in Benue National Park, through the Limbe Zoological Park and the Sultanate of Foumban. Nature you will reveal all its secrets, and you’ll have the opportunity to discover the cultural wealth of the peoples of grassfield (regions of West and North-West Cameroon).

Durée: 14 days & 13 nights
Minimum Pax: 04
Price: €1,700/pax

Details  Of   Tours Upon Arrival

14/13 DAYS

Day 1: Arrival at the Douala airport

Welcome and reception by your tour guide of Camtourventures . Drive to hotel by taxi, Check into hotel, Foyer du Marine. Dinner and overnight

Day 2: Douala – Limbe

Breakfast and departure by taxi to Amour Mezam bus station. Board a bus to Limbe and drive along banana, rubber, and palm plantations. After one hour drive, arrival at the Limbe Mile Four Bus Station. Board a taxi to Seme New beach hotel 30mins drive from the Mile Four Bus Station. Arrival at the hotel and check in. Rest of the afternoon at leisure to enjoy the black sanded beach and the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Day 3: Limbe

Breakfast in the hotel, departure by taxi to Limbe town. Visit to the famous Botanical Garden and the Wildlife Centre where you will see some species of monkeys like Gorilla and Chimpansee. Take a taxi to the fishing village and watch how fish is being smoked and sold. See fishing boats arriving with fresh fish and men and women hurrying to buy the fish for their meal at home or to be sold in their small business. Lunch in town. Return by taxi to Seme New Beach Hotel for a swim or relaxing at the beach. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.

Day 4: Limbe – Kumba

Breakfast and departure by taxi to the Mile Four Bus Station and board a bus for Kumba. Drive through Mutengene, Buea, Muyuka and other small beautiful villages along the very good tarred road. Arrival at Kumba and check in hotel Elongo Gardens. Lunch. Drive by taxi to the gate of lake Barombi and walk to the lake. Go by pirogue or walk to the Barombi village and visit the small village. Return by pirogue to the lake shore and return by taxi to the hotel. Dinner and overnight in the hotel.

Day 5: Kumba – Bandjoun

Breakfast in hotel Elongo gardens, departure by taxi to the Fiango Motor Park. Board a bus for Bafoussam. On the way the bus will drop you in Bandjoun. Drive through the South West Province into the Western Province where you traditional houses with pointed roofs can be seen. Arrival in Bandjoun and check in hotel Centre Climatique de Bandjoun for dinner and overnight.

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