This tour takes you south to northern Cameroon by train through landscapes as varied as spectacular. The Lamidat Ngaoundere example is an architectural gem, counting straw huts dating back several centuries. You will discover the FADA (Assembly of Notables), warriors, Fantasia and a possible horse ride around the city. This part of Cameroon has several attractions such as Koza hills, falling Lancrenon (100m) and those of Tello (45m). This tour also takes you in two national parks: Parc National de Waza National Park and the Benue. You will find lions, giraffes, elephants, deer, monkeys, etc.. We recommend that this tour starts on a Monday, but it is not an obligation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to discuss.



Duration: 16 days & 15 nights
Minimum Pax: 02
Price: € 2.346 – € 3.753



* Arrival and welcome at the international airport of Douala (probably Monday)
* Transfer and overnight at hotel

* Travel to Yaounde
* Visit Yaounde
* Transfer to the railway station in Yaounde
* Overnight on train to  Ngaoundéré


* Arrival  at Ngaoundéré
* Transfer to hotel
* Visit Lamidat Ngaoundere
* Horseback
* Dinner and overnight at hotel

* Visit the Benue National Park with numerous animals
* Dinner and overnight at camping site

* Travel to Rey Bouba (probably Friday)
* Visit the market, here you will find the Bororo women who come to sell milk
* Dinner and overnight at camp of   Boubba Ndjidda

* Visit to the  Boubba Ndjidda Park, this park is rich in animals (elephants, elk derby cogues facade, buffaloes, lions, etc.).
it is important to note that you  will always find animals in the park


* Travel to Great Captain
* Hippos sand, cogues jester
* Fishing and night

* Travel to Garoua (Probably Sunday, market day Pitoa) is a market where pitorresque multicolored mixed Fulani Falis and several other ethnic groups. Several items for sale. You may want to buy souvenirs

*  Dinner and Overnight in Garoua

* Travel to Rhumsiki
* Visit the “Kola Gorge”
* Visit the blacksmith bronze based technique sire lost
* Dinner and overnight at Rhumsiki

DAY 10
* Walking to the border Cameroon / Nigeria (village sculptor of musical instruments)
* Visit the weaving village
* Visit the wizard crab
* Dinner and overnight at camp of  Rhumsiki

DAY 11
* Travel to Mokolo
* Visit Mafas market, which is a village crowded
* Dinner and overnight at camp of  Mokolo

DAY 12
* Travel to Tourou

* Visit the famous markets of ethnic Hidi, a pith helmets attraction is that women wear on their heads
* Travel to Ndjiguila
* Visit the Women’s Handicraft Cooperative mountain
* Back to the Col de Koza
* Visit the leadership Podoko
* Travel to Waza for dinner and overnight at camp

DAY 13
* We spend the whole day visiting the Waza National Park, including the park giraffes, cogues jester, deer, monkeys, elephants, lions and other
* Dinner and overnight at camp

DAY 14
* Travel to Maga
* Visit the park
* Crossing the park from north to south Maga
* Canoe on the lake and between the islands and the nomadic fishermen. Hippoptames for many birds and
* Dinner and overnight at Maga

DAY 15
* Travel to Maroua
* En route to Maroua, visit the Sultanate Mourla visit Mousgoum shell boxes
* Continuation of Maroua
* City tour, visiting neighborhoods tanners, the craft center, blacksmiths
* Transfer and overnight at the hotel Saare Maroua

DAY 16
* Preparing for departure
* Transfer to the airport or Maroua, Garoua (depending on flight schedule) for departure to Douala International Airport
* Arrival at Douala International Airport and departure


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