African paintings

Cameroon tourist hand book offers beautiful hand painted, textured oil painting on canvas.

Our oil paintings are greatly discounted without compromising quality. The reproduction artwork is painted by highly-skilled artists in our Factory.

Our art work for sale comprises a rich collection of many styles of art from Classic to Abstract, through Impressionism, Renaissance, Baroque, Neoclassic and more.

Over 30 Subjects: Landscape, Still Life, Figurative, Romantic, Nude, and more.

All our products are 100% guarantee by the highly skilled artist with special oil and canvas,

workshop with famous painters and working under their direction will bring you a great step closer towards greatly understanding the creative process..

First Love

prices: 4200 $ each

    price: 300 $


landscape painting art, mountain, twilight, blue moon, Spring, summer, autumn and winter, oil painting Works.

prices: 4500 $ each





he Fulani, The Cow, and The Milk is an acrylic painting that has especially vivid

colors. This painting is available for sale in cameroon. Price $400






Price US Dollars = $1400

Here is a dark blue painting of a Kora Player in Africa. The kora is a stringed musical instrument,

traditional in Western Africa.



This surreal painting of a nude female harpist is done mostly in hues of blue.

Price in U.S. Dollars = $700



price in Dollars = $850
Sun Shine in my Mind is a brilliant yellow acrylic painting. This painting is available for sale

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  1. Shawn Scarnato says:

    there are so many famous painters but i really love vincent van gogh. his paintings are really great.”

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