Absolutely! We have been doing this for some time now , but our expertise goes back a lot farther than that. Every member of our team, have a passion for travel, and the passports to prove it. We take our role in the travel industry seriously, and we use our knowledge of travelling and the places we go to, to create the best value and quality for all of our customers.

We are cheaper than what you could organise for yourself, and offer better value through quality accommodation, professional guides, and comfortable coaches. We keep our prices low, so you can afford more, but we never compromise on comfort, safety, quality of service or choice of destinations. Its value all the way!

Exclusive ?
No Way! Any adult traveller is welcome  our Budget tours are for 18-70 year olds.

Exceptional service?
You betcha! All of our tour guides are professional and undergo rigorous training before they are allowed on the road. Also, our services team at our headquarters know how important it is to answer your questions and give you the best advice. We are here for you, and want you to have the best experience of your life!

You should see some of the places we go to! Within Cameroon, we allow you to travel through a plethora of diverse cultures, landscapes and traditions. Whether it be navigating the ‘disastrous lake Nyos’ of Cameroon, diving or exploring Ancient Fondoms, visiting historical monuments , or traveling ‘Safari style’ through Cameroon, if you desire to witness and experience the ‘exotic’…you have come to the right people!

Cameroon Tourist  Hand Book?
Of course! That is the point. Tourists can claim, they have ‘done’ Europe, or wherever it is they are going. However, as American author Greg Anderson states, “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing and activity, but in doing it.” Although you will get to see the destinations you desire, it is the way that you get there and what you experience on the way, which really makes a lasting memory. We have tried to incorporate loads of free time, so that you are able to really follow whatever it was which motivated you to travel in the first place. Some people desire to experiment with new flavours and cuisines, others are fascinated by architecture, arts, history, culture or landscape. Some just wish to get away from what they know and immerse themselves in completely new experiences with new people, to revive their souls. Quite often, our customers begin their journey with us as tourists, and finish as explorers, adding richness to their overall experience and redefining their reasons for travel. Cameroon Tourism Hand Book strives to give you knowledge from all of our experience, research and understanding, allowing you to see more than you expected (it is easier to understand the change in culture and landscapes from a coach rather than a plane), with plenty of time to add flexibility and choice within your tour so you can tailor it to your desires, in safety and comfort which allows you to rest and reflect along the way. Don’t just see…explore! You will definitely come away with more than you started with.

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